Any music played on a guitar with heart, soul and passion demands my attention and respect.  Quite often, it inspires me to learn the techniques and ideas behind the music, regardless of the genre or style.

I learn music by ear, taking the time to listen for the nuances that make great guitar recordings special.  Since the ear is the only way to capture the subtleties of a classic song, I am able to help students play their favorite songs in the most accurate way possible.  Eventually, students will learn to develop their own ear.  This not only allows them to learn songs on their own but also helps them develop their creativity with the guitar.

Guitar can be seen as an intricate and beautiful puzzle.  I enjoy learning any song a student is passionate about and I still get a thrill out of helping students discover the secrets behind their favorite songs.

I offer guitar lessons in different amounts of time to accommodate various goals and budgets.

LEARN :     Your Favorite Songs  - Music  - Technique  - Music Theory  - Scales  - Modes

                   Classic Riffs - Solos  - Improvisation  - Various Styles  - Slide Guitar

                   Singing and Playing Simultaneously -  Songwriting and Performance   

                   Writing Arrangements  -  Flat Picking   -   Finger Picking  -  Hybrid Picking

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