You can learn to sing!

I have taught hundreds of students how to sing.  It may seem like magic when we hear a great singer, but it is is a skill that can be developed with proper technique and feeling.  

It all starts with the breath, so we learn how to breathe correctly from the diaphragm and do exercises to increase our breath capacity and to control it.  Then we learn to place our voice for the best tone.  And how to sing phonetically with vowels.  We learn what is the singing mask is, and how it works to  help us sing on pitch.  And then we learn how to interpret the lyrics with feeling, and preform like a professional. 

Voice lessons come in different amounts of time to accommodate various goals and budgets.


“I'm about to release my fourth vocal CD this summer, a direct result of Sam's teaching methods. Highly recommended.”
Rick Holmstrom.
Song Writer, Vocalist, Guitar Slinger,
Recording Artist, Producer



"Sam uses simple concepts to help you achieve a big, vibrant tone, and intense exercises to increase stamina and improve intonation.  I heartily recommend Sam.”  Jeff Turmes.  

Recording Artist, Producer, Song Writer, Vocalist, Musician



“I actually had NO IDEA that I had a singing voice when I started with Sam. But now I can sing!!  My experience with Sam Druckerman has changed my life for the better, and I highly recommend him.”

Leonore Dunn.  College Student



LEARN:  Proper Breathing & Support - Voice Placement in the Mask - Phonetics & Vocalization Exercises for Ear Training and Vocal Range Improvement  -  Connecting with the Audience

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