Acting Lessons

I Teach Acting in Private Lessons, and Direct Acting Workshops.

I Also Coach Actors for Auditions - Film Roles - Theater Roles - Scene Study


LEARN: The fundamentals of acting, including…. How to read a Monologue, Script or Play, and Break it down to the Arc of the Story, & Arc of the Character, and the Arc of each Act and Scene. The importance of Listening and Being Truthful.  How To Overcome Stage Fright and Act Like A Professional.


TECHNIQUES:  Relaxation -  Concentration -  Shinning - Choices -  Commitment - Behavior - Emotional Recall - Developing Your Imagination & Creativity

Connecting To Yourself, Scene Partners, And The Audience.

Whether you are a Pro, or have never acted before, everyone interested in the Craft of Acting is Welcome.


"A great performance is a gift the artist shares with and gives to an audience. That gift can lift the spirits of all who witness it.  As you know, there's no better feeling than giving a gift and seeing the joy it brings to those who receive it.”

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