Why I Recommend all Singers to do some Acting.

Acting is about Choices. Creative Choices, and the Emotions or Feelings driving every Thought that is behind All the Dialog and Behavior in the Script.

And the same is true for Singers Lyrics. Why I Recommend all Singers to do some Acting is because when you take away the challenge of singing melodies, you can learn about choices faster. And then when you have a handle on choices, and bring them into your singing, you are much more Expressive Singer that will Entertain and Engage your Audience like a Professional.

Acting Lessons:

In addition to being a Guitar and Voice Coach, I also teach Acting.

I Teach Acting in Private Lessons, and Direct Acting Workshops.

I Also Coach Actors for Auditions - Film Roles - Theater Roles - Scene Study

LEARN: The fundamentals of Acting, including…. How to read a Monologue, Script or Play, and Break it down to the Arc of the Story, & Arc of the Character, and the Arc of each Act and Scene. The importance of Listening and Being Truthful. To Exercise your Imagination to Create Characters and Behavior while Strengthening your Concentration skills and Emotional Recall.

Acting is an Excellent Skill to learn about for all Live Performers, Musicians, Etc.